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SihanoukVille ..... Southern Cambodia's premier backpacker beach side resort. (except Kampot, Cambodia is close to the beach)   Beaches, Islands, parties and relaxation abound in this tropical seaside town; and tourists, worldwide flock to live, work, and play in SihanoukVille.

You can stay quite comfortably here for $45 to $4,000 a day, (SihanoukVille Beach Resorts) or you can stay and have fun for as little as $9 a day. (yes, we use U.S. Dollars here).

Rooms cost as much as free, and meals cost as much as 75 cents.  Booze? get it for 50 cents at a bar.   Smokes?  $2.75 (for 10 packs of locally made cigarettes).  Transportation?  Free (if you walk) or 50 cents on the back of a motorcycle or with PassApp.  Beachtime?  FREE!.

There's also a host of charities you can volunteer for, if you have the time.  Teaching English, distributing medical information, helping disabled people and orphans.  Most of these are unpaid positions, but if you want to stick around a while, you get a small stipend.

Work behind a bar a few hours a day, and get free meals and a free bed.  That's pretty cheap?

During the rainy season, June through October, the town is pretty slow  (could be 'cause of the rain most days).  Winter Time - November through February, the town is quite crowded with tourist from all over the world.   Also, during weekends and holidays, the town fills up fast.

Several different beaches surround the town, as well as several islands.  They are all quite different from each other, and most people like some beaches and don't like others.

Otres Beaches, Rivers and Otres Village have turned out to be the only regular backpacker places in town.  Many backpacker also stay around Serendipity Beach, but this is usually for a night before going to, or coming back from an island

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