SihanoukVille, Cambodia.  The main tourist destination in Cambodia, after the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat.  Beaches, islands, resorts and Cambodian culture.  SihanoukVille is the fastest growing city in the Cambodia.  

thanks for living, we always say in sihanoukville, cambodia.
Holiday Beach Hotel. Thanks for coming - Thanks for leaving - Thanks for Living

Also home to the main port for Cambodia, and someday, maybe the largest airport in the country (so they say?)   Also, the largest brewery in all of Asia!.  Now with 30 casinos in town, 3 major luxury resorts, and many more planned on both the mainland and islands, SihanoukVille is an up and coming international vacation beach resort destination.

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Otres Beach

There are several guesthouses in town for less than $8 a night, and some are even free. Local meals of soups, rice, meats and vegetables start at 62 cents. (we use U.S. Dollars here as well as the local Riel currency.)

SihanoukVille is located on the Southern Coast of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. Surrounded by small hills and islands, it's about a 5 hour drive from Phnom Penh, and 3 to 6 hour ride from the Vietnam and Thailand borders..

goodwill school in sihanoukville, cambodia.
Goodwill School.  Free English lessons from Help the Cambodian Children

Most of the activities here surround the beaches and islands.  There's also over 350 foreign owned restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues in town, catering to most tastes (and languages)

Over a dozen islands, most sparsely populated, are located within a few minutes to a few hours from the mainland.  Some of these have basic bungalows and restaurants, and are used as bases for fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samleom Islands

Water Sports are growing in SihanoukVille.  Fishing trips, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, sunbathing, kayaking in the ocean and river, and island trips covers most of the water activities here.

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Traditional Cambodia still lives on in SihanoukVille, but mostly outside of town in the small villages. Steung Hauv, a fishing village about 40 minutes out of town, Bet Trang village near the airport, and small dirt streets off the road back to Phnom Penh are the closest examples of how Khmer's lived and worked hundreds of years ago.  Some of these villages are without electricity, and the main form of transportation is walking, bicycling or riding a cart behind a cow.

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Cambodian currency consists of Khmer Riels and U.S. Dollars.  There are several banks around town, and most have ATM's, traveler's checks exchange, and will exchange several foreign currencies.  Please note: U.S. dollars must not be ripped or torn.  You can't pay for purchases with torn money, nor do you want to accept it as change or from a bank. Cambodian Riels, the local money, is exchanged at around 4,000 Riels to one U.S. dollar.  It's good to have one dollar bills and some Cambodian money once your outside your guesthouse.  All money is paper.... no coins.  Don't forget to take 100 Riel notes back home with you for souvenirs.  Check out the Prices of Everything Legal in SihanoukVille.

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canadia bank in sihanoukville, camboida.
Canadia Bank