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Most of the activities in SihanoukVille center around the beaches and islands.  Sunbathing and relaxing at the beach or around the pool, swimming, island trips and scuba and snorkeling.  Seafood is plentiful here, and there are seafood restaurants at all of the beaches.  beachund Touring around and outside of town is also popular. You can take a car or van, bicycle, tuk tuk (a cart pulled by a motorcycle), electric bicycle, motorcycle or just walk. SihanoukVille is very spread out with many beaches and hills, so some form of transportation is a must, unless you're staying at a resort, or just too laid back to move from the beach..  

welcome to sihanoukville, says mick

Dining at a traditional Khmer restaurant, on a street-side stand, seaside, or at one of over a hundred foreign owned restaurants.  There's also a number of mini-marts for your junk food needs.

Some of the activities here.....

  • Sailing *  Scuba Diving * Snorkeling * Swimming * Touring * Dirt Biking *Bicycling * Visit Buddhist Temples * Drinking * Gambling * Eating * Sleeping (on a beach of course!) * Canoeing and Kayaking * Reading * Day Trips *  Island Hopping * Fishing * Watch Movies * Disco * Sampling local dishes * Getting a Tattoo * Watching a Live Band * Volunteering for a Charity * Shopping * Work Out * Massage

booze in sihanoukville, cambodia
Drinking is a popular activity here

henrik doing it again.
Giving out clothes to poor kids in the rural villages

casino slot machines
10 casinos in town

snake house in sihanoukville, camboida.
Snake House (and Crocidile, fish, bird house))

Some activities of note:

  • island trips - usually include breakfast and lunch, snorkelling, a stop a an island, transport from your guesthouse. $15+. 
  • movies - a couple places have movie theaters here with the newest and oldest movies you can get. Some movies even come out here before the do in the theaters everywhere else in the world!
  • gambling - most casinos have slot machines starting at 1 cent per game
  • dirt biking - a few places rent 250cc and up bikes and a few provide tours (note restriction on the Transportation page)
  • beach - mostly sleeping, reading, eating, drinking, swimming.  Also volleyball, snorkelling, raving, full moon parties, horseback riding,  websurfing, and more drinking.
  • Wats - visit a few of the Wats (Buddhist Temples) in town.  Great views and landscaping, statues, paintings, and lots of monkeys
  • boating - on Otres and soon many beaches, you can rent a small sailboat, canoe or kayak
  • day trips - the watefall - K'bal Chay; fishing village of Steung Hauv; and Ream National Park, all outside of town
  • giving - several charitable organizations here are always looking for volunteers for teaching, farming, and other chores
  • investing - many (hundreds) of tourists end up here with their own bar, charitable organization, farm, guesthouse, school or factory.
  • Kampot, Bokor & Kep & Koh Kong- many tourists follow their visit to SihanoukVille with a stop at Cambodia's other coastal towns, about 2 hours from town.
  • birding - in the National Park, the garbage dump, the islands, some come here to look for rare birds.  Check migration times first.
  • Tattooing - many tourist leave SihanoukVille marked for life