cheap eats in sihanoukville



SihanoukVille excels in the quality and variety of dining options available.

Best backpacker / budget places to eat are on Victory Hill, on the streetside stands, around Serendipity Beach, and in Khmer or Chinese restaurants.  Breakfast is a plate of hot rice with marinated and grilled sliced pork, pickled vegetables, a bowl of hot chicken or beef soup, and a glass of ice with all you can drink tea.  75 cents at about 200 places around town, until 9am or so.  Quite filling.  Lunch, a bowl of boiled noodles with your choice of meat, and vegetables.  75 cents again.  Dinner.  Grilled fish with rice and vegetables $1.25.  

Burgers and fries start a $1 each.  There's a wide variety of meats, vegetables and fruits here, but not many meals are vegetarian.  Most restaurants can prepare something vegetarian, and many foriegn owned restaurants denote which meals are veg. Some are even Halal. A few restaurants in town are now vegetarian or vegan.

beer in sihanoukville, cambodia
typical meal in SihanoukVille

Downtown and on the beaches, there are over 900 restaurants.  Seafood, Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai, and foods from about 30 other countries including: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Laos, German, French, Irish, India, America, and several others. Meals here start at $2

cafe colonia in sihanoukville, cambodia.
Ice Cream

Several dozen mini-marts scattered around town have a limited supply of snack foods, ice cream, chips, hot dogs, and cookies. And you get some of the cheapest imported booze here.  Probably 1/3 of the price you're used to in the market.

happy herb pizza.  magic ingredients make it happy
Khmer's make the best Happy Pizza in the world, just plan to relax for 36 hours afterwards

There's also over 700 bars around town, ranging from beach side bars to Russian discos. Beers can be as low as 25 cents during Happy Hour.  Usually, beer is 50 cents to one dollar everywhere.  Many bars feature Angkor Draft, the National beer of Cambodia.  It should be fresh, since it's made at the top of SihanoukVille Hill, 7 days a week. 

(Mc)Donalds in sihanoukville
Burgers and Fries, (French) of course

fruit, durian
Durian fruit

Eggs for sale

duck egg
Duck Eggs. 1 day before hatching